Time for reform

What’s wrong with students today is what’s wrong with the world. Here’s a major cause of many of our modern day woes… and the solution.
Educators are not the problem,
Students are not the problem,
Even the educational content is not all bad.
Fix the diseducation system, train teachers to open minds, engage the curiosity of the students. If they see the beauty and the benefit behind learning they will become lifelong learners and this will change the world.
This is how we get good politicians, this is how we advance science, this is how we fix planetary issues, and this is how we will colonise space. Today’s students are our tomorrow.
Start a generational change today. Demand education reform, demand better pay and training for our educators so we can attract the best people to the most important jobs in the world. Demand these things now, tomorrow and always. Bring the passion back to teaching, bring the joy back to learning…. change the world starting today.
Disclaimer: These are my personal views of the worldwide state of education and in no way represent my view of any individual or specific organisation.

Sourced from YouTube by Prince Ea – CC BY