Learning rocks!

One thing I am really enjoying about Uni, one thing much more obvious in EDC3100 than in other courses, is learning and collecting resources from others.

One of my favourite things about interacting with others is the opportunity to learn from them. Sometimes I learn something little, like how to make a point in a better way, sometimes it’s bigger, like how to understand some previously obscure philosophical context.

Simple learnings from the first few minutes looking at Ellie Rasmussen’s Blog:

  1. the delivery of  information in video format is a brilliant way to go
  2. there is no end to the number of great video’s available online
  3. I will probably not need to produce video so long as someone else has done it before me
  4. Other people have better video creation skills than me
  5. With the right presentation comes the right message
  6. The video Ellie linked to may improve the employment prospects of my friends

There’s more, but then I often learn a lot from seemingly simple things.

Thanks Ellie, now I’m off to read her second blog entry, as soon as I have shared that video on FarceBook….

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